Selection and Recruitment dedicated to healthcare professionals

We receive requests, do the interviews, selection, evaluate candidates and prepare reports for the client

Specialized recruitment for the Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry and other Health Institutions

Mystery Customer

The Mystery Customer service is based on the collection of information for the behavioral analysis of the human resources that are in contact with the public. This service allows the evaluation of the quality of care applied, the impact of the frequency / performance of training actions and the performance of the employees by unidentified observers who assume the role of a client requesting services and/or products.

Global Consultancy for organization and management for Pharmacies

The Pharmacy consulting is a service in which are assessed a number of indicators that allow the pharmacy owner keep track of his business in a real way and be able to act in a corrective manner in a timely manner. We implement a dynamic and innovative approach to the pharmacy market, where we offer integrated management solutions with complete confidentiality. The goal is to have a specific, differentiated and targeted management for the economic success of the company.

Characterization of the Pharmacy

Characterization of the Client


Space and equipment

Organizational environment

Process analysis (customer service, ordering, storage, expiration time control, without consumption products)

Pharmaceutical Services

Stock Management


Management Outsourcing Services for Laboratories

Establishing validation analysis criteria

Definition of the work force by section

Stock registration building system

Implementation of quality control routines

Establish screening protocols

Functioning Control

Benches and technical space reorganization

Work lists by area

File organization / Results

Training Program