About Us!

Tecnosaúde is an Angolan company that bases its activity on providing services related to the health sector. These services are divided into several business sectors ranging from training, management consulting, and to support the implementation of pharmaceutical industries in Angola. We are a dynamic company whose value is based on an innovative organization that aims to meet the real needs of the Angolan market. We want to bring competitive result, aimed at the success of our partnerships.

Our History


October 2012

Beggining of the company


June 2013

1st training contract in Pharmacy (Moniz Silva Group)


August 2013

1st partnership with the Pharmaceutical Industry (IFC)


April 2014

1st Consulting contract in the laboratory of Clinical Analysis in the Clínica Privada do Alvalade


May 2014

1st Event Organization for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Sandoz)


August 2014

Office opening


October 2014

1st trainings on Tecnosaúde training room


February 2015

Beginning of the Management Consulting project


September 2015

1st Participation in the Expofarma Main Conference, with the theme "Investment in pre-graduated, continuous and post-graduate pharmaceutical training in Angola - an essential factor for the evolution of the National Health System"


April 2016

1st glycemic screening test in Pharmacy


June 2016

1st Social Responsibility Project (Caxito Maternity)


August 2016

1st Coaching session


February 2017

1st training for Medical Information Commercials and Representatives


June 2017

Social Responsibility project (Dori-Lombe Women's Internship)


April 2018

Point of Sale Promotion in the Pharmacy

Mission, Vision and Values

Empower and create access to health in Angola!
To be a reference in the development and implementation of healthcare solutions that allows to approximate the market business partners to the health sector and to promote skills for providing services.
  • Partnership:
    We promote the skills cooperation and integration through partnerships based on trust and transparency.
  • Knowledge:
    We look permanently for the updating of knowledge, to learn more and to transform information into knowledge.
  • Service:
    We serve passionately, consistently and in a determined way, all our customers, delivering the promised.
  • Simplicity:
    we develop simple solutions and promote an easy relationship with our partners.
  • Quality:
    We are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do and we refer to high quality standards.
  • Innovation:
    Innovation is a central feature of our culture, and through it we are creative and unique in the approaches and solutions.

Unique factors

Qualified Technical Resources

Deep knowledge of the pharmacy business

Commercial View

Knowledge of the Angolan market

Pedagogical Quality

Uniqueness of service

Oriented Training

Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other professionals

Training Contents

Updated and permanent development

New Products and Services

Continuous search to meet the needs of our customers


Tecnosaúde Images


´Currently, Tecnosaúde has pharmacists with a very good experience in Community Pharmacy, Training and Management Consultancy. It also has medical representatives and administratives.

Who We Are

Nádia Noronha

Executive Director

Ana Pacheco

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Rosineid Fonseca

Administrative Management and Account Technical Area

Solange Afonso

Administrative Support and Maintenance    

Francisca António

Medical Representative Commercial Area

Márcia Alfredo

Medical Representative Commercial Area 

Cristóvão Madaleno

Medical Representative Commercial Area